• Kathleen Barr

Winter In The City

Check out this list of things to do this winter in Toronto!

1) The ROM

The Royal Ontario Museum is a must-see in Toronto. It’s a great indoor activity for the cold weather. There are all kinds of awesome exhibits in the ROM and pretty affordable prices for entry.

2) Kensington Market

If you live in Toronto and haven’t been to Kensington, what are you even doing? Located in the heart of the city, you’ve got to check out this neighborhood filled with shops, cafes, restaurants, art and so much more.

3) Toronto Islands

Toronto Island is pretty quiet during the winter season but it’s nothing short of beautiful. You can take the fairy from the Harbourfront across to Ward’s Island. The view of the city from the water is unreal as always.

4) Sherway Gardens

This mall is probably my favorite in Toronto. Sherway Gardens is not right in the city so this mall isn’t as crowded as some of the others.

5) Sunnyside Beach

This is my favorite beach in Toronto. You can take a walk along the incredible boardwalk. It takes you over the Humber bridge and river where you can look back at the beach and city skyline. Just ahead of the bridge there’s the Humber Bay Shores Park where you can grab some coffee or homemade gelato and watch the sunset.

6) Roncesvalles

I’m a bit biased because I currently live here but it is by far my favorite area in Toronto. There is so much to see and do in Roncy during all seasons. The locally-owned restaurants, coffee shops, and stores here are so great and are run by some pretty amazing people. This community is so welcoming, once you come you’re going to want to stay (like me! lol)

7) Ryerson University

Again, I’m pretty biased here since this is my university but here me out. Ryerson has a beautiful university campus located right in the heart of downtown. We have a skating rink, a courtyard, and some great restaurants and cafes.

8) Colonel Smith Park Skating and Walking Trails

I went to this park on the Humber Lakeshore Campus for the first time last week. It is such a beautiful hidden gem I couldn’t believe it. The skating trail is cleaned off by a Zamboni so the ice is perfect. The walking trails take you through a marina, along Lake Ontario, and to a point where you can see the city skylines of both Toronto and Hamilton. The park is out of the city so it’s nice and quiet. There's a dog park here so you’ll see all kinds of pups.

9) Allan Gardens

Allan Gardens is another great indoor place to hit up during the cold winter months. The garden is filled with gorgeous tropical plants from all over the world.

10) Dinner and Drinks

The dinner and drink scene in Toronto is like no other. Take your pick of location, and restaurant you really can’t go wrong.

Did I miss anything? If so then don’t be afraid to reach out and let me know. Toronto is the place to be in your twenties, and this list is just the beginning of what’s all out there!

Bye for now!


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