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Shop BIPOC In The Ottawa Valley

There’s no question that shopping local is a great way to support your community while shopping ethically and sustainably. Recently, a movement amongst consumers to shop and support local businesses has revolutionized the retail industry. At the same time, we have been living through widespread societal change in terms of the treatment and rights of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) community. How and where you spend your money is a significant part of racial justice. In light of looking for further ways to support, I have put together a list of BIPOC-owned businesses in our community to support today and every day. I also focused on primarily women BIPOC owned businesses because we can never have enough women empowerment. Enjoy!

Wild Roga

Owned by Ro Nwosu in Renfrew Ontario, Wild Roga offers a modern and refreshing approach to traditional yoga and fitness classes. Ro brings together a unique combination of high energy athleticism and focused mindfulness to offer you a well rounded, balanced and healthy lifestyle, no matter your body type, fitness level or mobility.

“Ro is bold; she educates and inspires generously with empathy. Her energy is magnetic. She won't be everyone's slice of pie, but I am grateful to have stumbled into the bakery of her life.”


Opeongo Springs

Jorie Sharpe is co-owner of Opeongo Springs where you can find healthy, flavourful & grass fed beef that was raised on her small farm on the Opeongo Line. In 2015, the Sharpes decided to move to this 900 acre wilderness that hasn't been actively farmed in decades. They are building their farm from the ground up, and raise purebred Texas Longhorns on nothing but grass. Opeongo Springs strives to be able to provide food and products to the community in the most natural way possible.



Kokomish is a great place to eat, shop for unique giftware, ladies fashions and moccasins. When you’re done you can fill up your gas tank with their discount fuel. This unique establishment is located on the Pikwakanagan Reservation in Golden Lake Ontario. The friendly staff is made up of indigenous women and men who are great at what they do and will help you have a great experience at Kokomish.


Chanto and Co Sewing Studio

In the town of Renfrew, you can find Chanto & Co, a charming and unique sewing studio. Chanto and Co. has been serving clients in Renfrew and throughout the entire Ottawa Valley since their opening in 2008. Chanto & Co. offers a variety of repairs, alterations and hemming. If you are looking for something unique, stop in to view Chanto Ly's very own designs, sold exclusively through Chanto & Co.

“The perfect fit for you”


Whiteduck’s Wellness

Whiteduck Wellness is a medical cannabis dispensary that serves the community with traditional and plant based medicines. The Whiteduck sisters opened the establishment earlier this year in beautiful Golden Lake Ontario. They strive to offer you the best customer service & experience and are proud to offer the best products at the best prices.


Each business listed above is different and unique in their own way but share the similarity that incredible women are in charge. Even though these women are faced with adversities since they are part of marginalized groups, they overcome the hardships and do what they are passionate about. I hope you found a business that interests you and I hope you always shop consciously, ethically and locally.

Thanks everyone


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